Introducing the IPSO Alliance – IP Smart Objects

The IPSO Smart Object: Currently, OMA LWM2M is a common device management mechanism provided by Open Mobile Alliance. The object model in OMA LWM2M is reused to define application level IPSO Smart Object. An IPSO Smart Object is a collection of reusable resources that has a well-known object ID and represents a particular type ofContinue reading “Introducing the IPSO Alliance – IP Smart Objects”

OneM2M Overview – Part 1

oneM2M is a global standardization to develop a horizontal platform for the exchange and sharing of data among M2M and IOT applications. OneM2M provides a framework for interworking with different technologies and enabling re-use of what is already available as much as possibile such as LwM2M for device management, binding with various existent protocol.  Continue reading “OneM2M Overview – Part 1”