Introducing the IPSO Alliance – IP Smart Objects

The IPSO Smart Object: Currently, OMA LWM2M is a common device management mechanism provided by Open Mobile Alliance. The object model in OMA LWM2M is reused to define application level IPSO Smart Object. An IPSO Smart Object is a collection of reusable resources that has a well-known object ID and represents a particular type ofContinue reading “Introducing the IPSO Alliance – IP Smart Objects”

Overview Semantic in Internet of Thing

Interoperability among the “Thing” on the IoT is the most fundamental requirements to support object address, tracking, and discovery as well as exchange, storage, and representation information. In order to these goals, the suite of technologies developed in the Semantic Web such as ontologies, semantic annotation, Linked Data and semantic web service is used asContinue reading “Overview Semantic in Internet of Thing”