Applicants: Rules & Requirement

  So, you are a bright student interested in working with me and you are about to send me an email. Very well, but before you do that, please read VERY CAREFULLY this page. I am always looking for good students, but I really don’t like wasting time reading long emails that tell me howContinue reading “Applicants: Rules & Requirement”

Session Hijacking Attack on SamSung GearFit smartwatch

1. CUP Overview Companion UI Platform (CUP) is a open library which allows you to display information from a host device, for example a smartphone, on companion devices and devices that use CUP. CUP contains many control widgets named winsets, which is useful to create graphic layouts to display information. The host device control the companion device’s displayContinue reading “Session Hijacking Attack on SamSung GearFit smartwatch”