Applicants: Rules & Requirement

  So, you are a bright student interested in working with me and you are about to send me an email. Very well, but before you do that, please read VERY CAREFULLY this page. I am always looking for good students, but I really don’t like wasting time reading long emails that tell me howContinue reading “Applicants: Rules & Requirement”

Hướng dẫn viết NCKH-SV

Bố cục cho một bài thuyết minh NCKH-SV sẽ gồm: Thông tin chung: Các thông tin liên quan về đề tài và chủ nhiệm đề tài (SV đăng ký) Mô tả nghiên cứu: Giới thiệu đề tài. Mục tiêu, nội dung, kế hoạch nghiên cứu Kết quả nghiên cứu: Mô tả sản phẩm đầu raContinue reading “Hướng dẫn viết NCKH-SV”

Session Hijacking Attack on SamSung GearFit smartwatch

1. CUP Overview Companion UI Platform (CUP) is a open library which allows you to display information from a host device, for example a smartphone, on companion devices and devices that use CUP. CUP contains many control widgets named winsets, which is useful to create graphic layouts to display information. The host device control the companion device’s displayContinue reading “Session Hijacking Attack on SamSung GearFit smartwatch”

Modification Attack on SamSung GearFit

Samsung provides a management application named SamSung Gearfit Manager to manage all essential function on their watch such as: Firmware upgrading,  connection, application managing,…. Therefore, at the first step, we need to understand firmware upgrading procedure by reversing APK file structure. Many common exist tools can be found effortlessly such as: Virtuous Ten Studio, IDA…..Continue reading “Modification Attack on SamSung GearFit”

How to create a simple IOT Bluemix application.

What do you need to get started: An IBM ID and password An IBM DevOps Services account A Bluemix account Setup BlueMix environment. Step 1: After registration, we go to the CATALOG section on menu side and choose Internet of Thing Foundation Stater. Step 2: Go to the DASHBOARD, click on recent created application toContinue reading “How to create a simple IOT Bluemix application.”

How to create a cloud gateway convert Sigfox to MQTT

This tutorial shows how to create a simple node gateway on IBM BlueMix in order to receive sigfox-backend HTTP callback, JSONified and send it to MQTT broker. Step 1: Create a Node Js Application on IBM Bluemix: Step 2: Write a simple web service to get parameter in HTTP callback from sigfox-backend server. This informationContinue reading “How to create a cloud gateway convert Sigfox to MQTT”

How to add a new field in Nodejs MQTT library

MQTT.js is an OPEN Open Source Project in order to create a client library for the MQTT protocol, written in JavaScript for node.js and the browser. We can easily install via command:  npm install mqtt –save. After installation, mqtt module is automatically imported into Node module directory in our project. Our goal is add aContinue reading “How to add a new field in Nodejs MQTT library”

Introducing the IPSO Alliance – IP Smart Objects

The IPSO Smart Object: Currently, OMA LWM2M is a common device management mechanism provided by Open Mobile Alliance. The object model in OMA LWM2M is reused to define application level IPSO Smart Object. An IPSO Smart Object is a collection of reusable resources that has a well-known object ID and represents a particular type ofContinue reading “Introducing the IPSO Alliance – IP Smart Objects”

OneM2M Overview – Part 1

oneM2M is a global standardization to develop a horizontal platform for the exchange and sharing of data among M2M and IOT applications. OneM2M provides a framework for interworking with different technologies and enabling re-use of what is already available as much as possibile such as LwM2M for device management, binding with various existent protocol.  Continue reading “OneM2M Overview – Part 1”

Overview Semantic in Internet of Thing

Interoperability among the “Thing” on the IoT is the most fundamental requirements to support object address, tracking, and discovery as well as exchange, storage, and representation information. In order to these goals, the suite of technologies developed in the Semantic Web such as ontologies, semantic annotation, Linked Data and semantic web service is used asContinue reading “Overview Semantic in Internet of Thing”