Applicants: Rules & Requirement

So, you are a bright student interested in working with me and you are about to send me an email. Very well, but before you do that, please read VERY CAREFULLY this page.

I am always looking for good students, but I really don’t like wasting time reading long emails that tell me how awesome is my research and how motivated you are to work in my group. Read my Project page and be sure you understand very well in which areas I work on.


There are some basic skills and requirements you should carefully consider before applying for  project under my supervision.
Here is some advice:

  • Learn how to use svn and git
  • Learn how to write in Latex
  • Learn basic Machine Learning and Networking
  • Watch “Naturally obsessed: the making of a scientist”
  • Learn how to program, preferably in some scripting and low level languages. C, Python, NodeJS are useful.
  • Read at least a couple of scientific papers in your fields of interest.

If you are already a UIT student you also need to get some seriously good grades in my classes.
Also, you may want to consider doing your final internship in our group.

Finally, in addition to your technical and scientific skills, it is also very important that you get along well with me and with the other students in the lab (most of which have a desk in a common open space). You don’t need to be a showman, but some basic social skills are welcome.

How to Contact Me

If you meet the previous requirements, send me an email and make sure
to follow these basic rules:

  • Write in Vietnamese/English.
  • Stick to plain text.
  • Be short.
  • If you want to apply for an internship position, start the email subject with [INTERNSHIP] so that I can easily identify the message and I know you read this page.

After you send me the email, be patient. If you match the previous criteria, I will read and eventually answer your message. But I’m often traveling and my mailbox tends to fill up at warp speed – so you may have to wait a couple of days for an answer.

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